Sunday, November 3, 2013

The end of light

{photo by Jon Wyatt, styling by me}

Today is my absolute least favorite day of the year: daylight savings is over. I don't understand why we're still operating under this archaic practice, especially where there are such things as Seasonal Affective Disorder and 6 months of darkness all the time, and farmers are under government contracts where they're paid not to make corn and such. WHY?!!!

It's so depressing to drive to work in the dark and drive home from work in the dark. I can't take little Chico to the park when it's dark outside all the time. Not to mention, in New York, it's already getting dark at 5pm. That means it'll not get dark at 4pm. How the hell am I supposed to function in these conditions?

If I was more driven, I'd finally march to Congress (like I've been saying I'm going to do for years) and protest for them to get rid of this whole system and just stay on daylight savings all year. It's already been pushed back a couple of months over the last 10 years. So dumb.

If it was cancelled, then I wouldn't get to rant about it every year. So, there's that.