Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crafty crafty

Chico and I had a very busy morning. I've been wanting to learn to sew for a long time. My mom is a master seamstress and, in the past, she hasn't been very willing or enthusiastic to teach me. Fortunately, that's changed lately. I've been meaning to get over to this awesome fabric store, Intown Quilters (they have the most amazing, cute fabrics), but it's a little far away. So, we headed over to another store with great Yelp reviews, but it was too overwhelming. I couldn't figure out where anything was and since I'm such a newbie, I was intimidated by the lycra and knits. I knew I just wanted cotton and I knew Intown Quilters has what I wanted. Chico and I got back in the car and headed over.

Oh my goodness, you guys. That place is amazing. There are so many wonderful and whimsical and me fabrics, it was hard to choose. I ended up with the flower pattern above (there is some gold in there too). Then, we drove towards home and to the yarn store in our neighborhood. Boyfriend's sister in law is pregnant and I want Little Boy to have a keepsake baby blanket. 

Now, I'm down to craft!


  1. I've tried to learn to sew but I'm so bad at following patterns! I also get really overwhelmed when shopping for fabric--I will have to try Intown Quilters sometime!

    1. We should go together some time. It's really amazing and I think you'll like all of the illustrative prints. They're amazing. I had to pick a simpler one since I don't know what I'm doing. I think trying to match up the illustration would be too much for me


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