Friday, May 31, 2013


1. A wonderful post from Miss Gemma Correll about her love of coffee. Complete with her adorable illustrations.

2. This is freaking hilarious! It's a video of a grown man responding to someone with the actual conversation of a 2 year old. My description might have made it sound weird, but it's really funny.

3. Signfeld, an etsy store, has pretty prints with Seinfeld quotes. So funny :)

4. A student's final project combining illustration and beautiful photography. These are amazing images.

5. 15 year old me screamed when I saw these rings, they're engagement rings that each correspond to one of the Sailors from Sailor Moon. Eeek!

Offline BSTW:

1. My toilet and the ability to flush it as I please. If you're confused by this, please see this.

2. Having several great days in a row

3. My wonderful friends

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I won a blog giveaway from Madalynne and Delezhen! I can't wait to see the beautiful ring I won, I'm so pumped!

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