Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ah ha! vol. 4 Collecting

I realized lately that I tend to collect people. And by collect people, I mean I have a hard time accepting the natural cycle of friendships. And, god forbid someone not like me and not want to be friends.

There's a girl I know who I don't have an opportunity to see several times a week anymore. I've reached out to her a couple of times and she either doesn't respond or does later than I appreciate. I've been a little flustered, you know, trying to grasp onto this relationship with a stranglehold. Then, one of my friends was talking about something or other and what she said made me realize, it's time to let things go. It's okay for us to go our separate ways, it doesn't mean I'm bad or she's bad, it just means we are moving in different directions. And this is perfectly acceptable. If I want to have healthy and stable relationships, it's required that I understand and am willing to embrace this. Because, it's going to happen over and over again.

This is a hard lesson to learn. I feel that the Sims demonstrate this very simply. If you're unfamiliar with that game, let me explain. To get a promotion at a job or to reach a new life goal level, your Sim has to have a certain number of friendships. Which means you have to find other Sims your Sim is compatible with and talk with them, hang out, play games, whatever, normal friend stuff. Then your level goes up and this Sim and your Sim become friends. But, if you don't have your Sim call, hang out, talk with this Sim, your friendship is lost. And, not all Sim likes other Sims. It has to do with their different personalities. In my humble opinion, this little bit of coding is brilliant.

So yeah. I'm learning this slowly. It's okay for me to let friendships go if they become toxic or if I'm moving in a different direction. And it's okay for me to let a friendship go if the other person is moving in a different direction.

Maturity. It's happening.

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