Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ah Ha! vol. 1 (Broken Record)

A few weeks ago, some friends and I were talking about something or other and I jumped into the conversation, "I used to date this guy that..." They cut me off. "You always start conversations with, 'This guy I used to date.'" This took me aback. Taking a second to think about it, I realized, I DO that. Oh my goodness. How did I become this person?

I've become so wrapped up in dating and feeling pressure to find a mate and be with someone I've forgotten to tell stories about me being with myself and with my friends (part of this is learning to be a friend). It's kind of sad in a way. That I can only feel validated by another warm body. On the other hand, I'm super grateful my friend risked hurting my feelings to bring this defect to my attention. Now I can work on changing this part of myself. Trying to be super aware of everything that comes out of my mouth and my intentions behind it before I say it is kind of exhausting, but it's worth it. And maybe I'll tell these stories (the dating ones) on here to get them out of my system. Some of them are kind of entertaining.

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