Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Meet Chico. He's got a lot of feelings.

This is Chico (and Derp).

He twisted his leg (or something) last Friday. And while he's been limping a little, it's getting better. We've even been using a warm compress to make sure he's as comfortable as possible. 

trying to get him to use the warm compress over the weekend

He's just fine. But, at work, he's started refusing his food and limping more and acting pathetic. When we get home, he puts weight on his foot and eats his food and is fine. Running up the stairs, trying to attack the cat, jumping around. Eating. But at work, he's dying or something. And can only ingest bagels.

He's got my coworkers worried he's dying. This tiny little 11lb ball of needle hairs is making me look like a dog abuser. He's out of control. One of them has even spoken to a vet about it. Not to mention, he's getting his teeth cleaned next week and if I was a dog abuser, that's the last thing I'd be spending a grand on (it's actually the last thing I want to spend $1000 on now, but I worry about his rotty little teeth his sore mouth). 

Chico, if you have the ability to eat apples, bread, bagels and turkey pepperonis, you can eat your dog food just fine.


  1. I hope Chico's teeth cleaning goes well! Titus had his teeth cleaned last month and had a tooth extracted. The pain meds made him so sick he had to go back for another check up and more pills! Yeah... I'm still paying for that. ><

    1. He'll be having many many teeth extracted

  2. Knit some doggie drawers so he can look stylish AND keep his warm compress in place. Sell them and pay for tooth cleaning. I am brilliant. I will need 10% of profits.

    1. When I make my millions on dog drawers, I'll cut you in


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