Monday, July 29, 2013

Apartment: Found

I'm back after being in New York all week looking for places to live. It's amazing how much easier my search became after I asked for help from friends and family (not to mention allowing people to help me, I don't know why I still have such a hard time with this). I had an outpouring of friends and friends  of friends through Facebook and emails and text messages and phone calls. It was truly amazing. Even after all of this help, I found my place through craigslist. It's a great apartment, although the renting game in NYC is so precarious, I won't believe I actually have the place until I have the key in my hand.

I met up with a long time Twitter friend, Tiffany Rainey for the first real life hang out. She's awesome and accompanied me and directed me along the confusing streets and subway stops in Brooklyn (they're confusing for me, but I don't think they are for natives). I wouldn't have been able to traverse the neighborhood as quickly without her (if at all).

I made some excellent new friends I'm super pumped about and I think they're super pumped about me, too. I am excited to have a network started before I'm officially there. It's hard to leave my ladies and I feel better about it with the start of some new friendships. Chico even has a playdate with a Griffon next week! Woot! (He's not talking to me right now because I was gone all week, he's such a divo)

The adventure is just beginning! I'm going to try to blog about our drive next week, we'll see how that goes.

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