Monday, June 24, 2013

Three Days

source/styling by me
I'm off this morning to a three day interview in the other city. I'm excited and nervous. I'm getting a rental car so I'll be traversing the new city's terrain and this is something to be nervous about all by itself. I'm a fearful driver down here in crazy Atlanta, I can't even imagine what the drivers are like where I'm going; not really possible for another city to have worse drivers than Atlanta.

This is the most adventurous thing I've done for me. I know I've mentioned taking chances on myself several times recently, but here it is, actually happening. Boyfriend is upset. He doesn't think I'm going to come back. He doesn't understand I have to go where the jobs are.

So, I'm off! It's going to be an interesting week! I have no idea what to expect :)


  1. Good luck on your interview dear! x

  2. Lots of luck with your new endeavor! Following your career and (potentially) sacrificing your relationship is a difficult choice; stay positive. (Thanks for stopping by!)

  3. I just now stumbled into your blog for the first time...and the boyfriend comment in this post stood out to me for whatever reason. ALWAYS...ALWAYS...take chances on yourself. and take adventures and opportunities when they arise!!!! good luck! xo


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