Friday, May 24, 2013

BSTW vol. 15

This week was an interesting one. I made some decisions about where I want to live (more on that later) and worked on some freelance work which forced me to learn some CSS (yay!). And now I'm off to visit family for the weekend. But, before I go, here's a Best Stuff This Week!

1. A lovely booklet that explores the different thoughts between designers and clients. While I haven't had many clients yet (a few), I can already relate a bit. I'm sure those of you who are design rockstars will really enjoy looking over this little treasure.

2. Cameron's paper Maltese. He made it for his mom for mothers' day. So sweet.

3. OMG, this cookie box from Thelma's Treats! (via the Dieline). It's a little oven, I love this so much!

4. Have you heard about this? Whimsey Box is like a Birch Box, but it's crafts! Isn't that great? Once I'm employed full time, I'm planning on subscribing.

5. Love this little fox print.

6. HUGE knitted art installations. You need to see all of the pieces, they're amazing. I'm back to knitting after taking a 4 month break and these pictures inspire me.

7. Miga de Pan. A knitter and embroiderer. Her work is insane (in a good way). So inspiring.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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